About Us

Who we are


Mr Georgios Bekridelis

Director/Head Butcher

Having become acquainted with butchering at the tender age of 15 allowed me to see butchering from many different points of view. After 11 years in a busy retail environment in Greece combined with meatblogging and a lot of travelling and training, I decided to move in Manchester, UK to take the next step in my career. After being involved in industrial butchering for a few years here and while working in a butchering role in a catering business, it was time for me to try a new project,which would later turn out to be Giorgio’s Artisan Butchery’s first small steps. With all the experience that I’ve gained throughout the years and with my presence in the Hellenic Artisan Butcher’s Club (as a founding member) I had enough confidence to introduce my new range of artisan products to our premium customers all around Mainland UK. I work hard every day to make sure that our staff is delivering quality products at the highest standards and are extremely customer focused. Furthermore, one of my main responsibilities is to ensure that Giorgio’s Artisan Butchery’s staff is satisfied and enjoying a safe and happy working environment, because this is the key to keeping us more and more creative and having our customers continuously satisfied.


Mr Aristeidis Ntimo

Head Sales Executive

After many years experience in the hospitality sector including F&B managing, catering and event planning, both in Greece and in the UK, I was thinking of my next business steps. Based on all the knowledge and experiences that I’ve collected and feeling more confident than ever, I decided to get involved in the meat trade. My first contact with Georgios Bekridelis gave me the opportunity to comprehend the artisan butchering philosophy. Starting from retail, we are planning to enter the catering market in the near future, by supplying HORECA sites with our excellent quality products, and we will do it a reliable and professional manner.


What we do

Starting from November 2018, Giorgio’s Artisan Butchery has been distributing the highest quality meat products to our premium customers all around Greater Manchester. A few months later, it was the time to expand, by delivering orders all around Mainland UK. This made us realise the high demand for quality meat in the UK. So now, a few years later, we are able to provide many more people with premium meat and other food products, using our daily sanitised vehicles and to the highest hygiene and food safety standards, as advised by the British Government and the FSA. Our staff is highly trained to keep the levels of safe and professional handling of our very sensitive products to the maximum, especially during the COVID19 period. Our butchers and packers are working hard to ensure that everything meets the highest standards. By producing daily fresh and handmade meat products we are providing our customers with the best meat tasting experiences.


Our Vision

Being one of the first businesses to introduce artisan butchering to the British market, our vision is to make it known to more and more customers. Setting the target on becoming a wholesale catering site in the near future and relying on our highly professional sales team, we are already setting the ground to introduce our artisan products to HORECA facilities. Despite the fact we have not officially started being a wholesaler, you can pre-order samples of our highest quality products, by getting in touch with someone from our sales team, at contact@giorgiosartisanbutchery.co.uk