We spend a lot of time on a daily basis to make sure that the raw material quality is kept on the highest standard. This is the reason why we drive a lot of miles from abattoirs to meat wholesalers and veg wholesalers, so that we are able to choose the BEST for our customers. We are using locally sourced beef, lamb and chicken, breaking down whole fresh carcasses and ageing everything to perfection, always according to the governments advice. When it comes to pork, we mainly use British and Belgian meat.

To keep the quality of our product and customers safety on the highest level possible, we make sure that every product and raw material we use has complete traceability. In addition everything that we produce has a lot number, country of origin and production date displayed on the label. We keep all the traceability records needed to make sure that we act fast if a batch is recalled by the FSA for any reason. We also keep records of our customer contact details, so in case of a recall, we immediately inform them via email or text message. Furthermore, we use FSA approved cleaning chemicals to clean and sanitise our premises and vehicles plus all the food safety PPE, as advised, to ensure that we avoid contamination of the products. We handle allergens the best way possible to avoid cross contaminations and display allergens on final product labelling as well. If you suffer from any allergies please make us aware and if you have any further questions about the way we operate, feel free to contact us at or by calling Giorgio on 075507 700627.